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decided to strike out in new directions using oxides with her clay.  The addition of oxides brings out the natural beauty of her pieces which have been showcased and exhibited

throughout the East Coast.  Her hand built pottery is inspired by the beauty and wonder of 

nature which is the motivation for continual experimentation with new forms.

For the past several years in Sarasota, Nancy's artistic odyssey attracted her to the Sarasota School of Glass where she discovered her natural talent for glass fusing.  Glass artist Sue Kutno shared her years of experience and mentored her in her swift progress of the medium.  Nancy is now teaching workshops at the Sarasota School of Glass and has been exhibited in numerous shows.

Wood turning is also a recent passion which she's learned from one of Sarasota's finest wood turners, Bob Haynes.  Nancy taught herself wood piercing and her designs are recreated using a 400,000 rpm pneumatic drill.  She and Bob collaborate turning and piercing wooden bowls and vessels, resulting in uniquely beautiful pieces of artwork.

Thriving in the tropical paradise of Sarasota, Nancy is dedicated to the mastery of various artistic disciplines and perfecting her techniques.  Her restless personality enjoys the challenge of creating and learning by drawing on her many passions.

A native New Yorker who relocated to Sarasota for its wealth of arts and cultural activities, Nancy has been studying and creating art for the last 30 years.

With a fine arts degree from Fashion Institute of Technology and a successful early career in floral design, Nancy experimented in multiple​​ mediums from silk screening to water colors to rapidograph illustrations and drawings.  Thriving on that creative expression, she started to focus on her artistic career studying pottery under Harriet Ross at the Art Workshop in NY as well as Sylvia Bell at the Gibbs Museum in Charleston.  Expanding on those learnings, she 

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